, vkey='velocity', match_with='clusters', sort_by='velocity_pseudotime', resolution=None, min_likelihood=None, copy=False)

Computes velocity clusters via louvain on velocities., color="velocity_clusters")

Annotated data matrix.

vkey: str (default: ‘velocity’)

Key of velocities computed in tl.velocity

match_withint, optional (default: 100)

The number of genes that appear in the returned tables.

match_with: str (default: ‘clusters’)

Match the names of the velocity clusters with the names of this key (.obs).

sort_by: str or None (default: ‘dpt_pseudotime’)

Sort velocity clusters by this key (.obs).

resolution: float (default: 0.7)

Resolution for louvain modularity.

min_likelihood: float between 0 and 1 or None (default: None)

Only rank velocity of genes with a likelihood higher than min_likelihood.

copy: bool (default: False)

Return a copy instead of writing to data.


velocity_clusters (.obs) – Clusters obtained from applying louvain modularity on velocity expression.