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scVelo - RNA velocity generalized through dynamical modeling

scVelo is a scalable toolkit for RNA velocity analysis in single cells; RNA velocity enables the recovery of directed dynamic information by leveraging splicing kinetics [Manno et al., 2018]. scVelo collects different methods for inferring RNA velocity using an expectation-maximization framework [Bergen et al., 2020], deep generative modeling [Gayoso et al., 2023], or metabolically labeled transcripts [Weiler et al., 2023].

scVelo’s key applications

  • estimate RNA velocity to study cellular dynamics.

  • identify putative driver genes and regimes of regulatory changes.

  • infer a latent time to reconstruct the temporal sequence of transcriptomic events.

  • estimate reaction rates of transcription, splicing and degradation.

  • use statistical tests, e.g., to detect different kinetics regimes.

Citing scVelo

If you include or rely on scVelo when publishing research, please adhere to the following citation guide:

EM and steady-state model

If you use the EM (dynamical) or steady-state model, cite

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If you use veloVI (VI model), cite

    title = {Deep generative modeling of transcriptional dynamics for RNA velocity analysis in single cells},
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RNA velocity inference through metabolic labeling information

If you use the implemented method for estimating RNA velocity from metabolic labeling information, cite

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Found a bug or would like to see a feature implemented? Feel free to submit an issue. Have a question or would like to start a new discussion? Head over to GitHub discussions. Your help to improve scVelo is highly appreciated.