scvelo.set_figure_params(style='scvelo', dpi=100, dpi_save=150, frameon=None, vector_friendly=True, transparent=True, fontsize=12, figsize=None, color_map=None, facecolor=None, format='pdf', ipython_format='png2x')

Set resolution/size, styling and format of figures.

stylestr (default: None)

Init default values for matplotlib.rcParams suited for scvelo or scanpy. Use None for the default matplotlib values.

dpiint (default: None)

Resolution of rendered figures - affects the size of figures in notebooks.

dpi_saveint (default: None)

Resolution of saved figures. This should typically be higher to achieve publication quality.

frameonbool (default: None)

Add frames and axes labels to scatter plots.

vector_friendlybool (default: True)

Plot scatter plots using png backend even when exporting as pdf or svg.

transparentbool (default: True)

Save figures with transparent back ground. Sets rcParams[‘savefig.transparent’].

fontsizeint (default: 14)

Set the fontsize for several rcParams entries.

figsize: [float, float] (default: None)

Width and height for default figure size.

color_mapstr (default: None)

Convenience method for setting the default color map.

facecolorstr (default: None)

Sets backgrounds rcParams[‘figure.facecolor’] and rcParams[‘axes.facecolor’] to facecolor.

format{‘png’, ‘pdf’, ‘svg’, etc.} (default: ‘pdf’)

This sets the default format for saving figures: file_format_figs.

ipython_formatlist of str (default: ‘png2x’)

Only concerns the notebook/IPython environment; see IPython.core.display.set_matplotlib_formats for more details.