, groupby='clusters', layers=None, highlight='unspliced', add_labels_pie=True, add_labels_bar=True, fontsize=8, figsize=(10, 2), dpi=100, use_raw=True, show=True, save=None)

Plot pie chart of spliced/unspliced proprtions.

adata: AnnData

Annotated data matrix.

groupby: str (default: ‘clusters’)

Key of observations grouping to consider.

layers: list of str`(default: `[‘spliced#, ‘unspliced’, ‘ambiguous’])

Specify the layers of count matrices for computing proportions.

highlight: str (default: ‘unspliced’)

Which proportions to highlight in pie chart.

add_labels_pie: bool (default: True)

Whether to add percentage labels in pie chart.

add_labels_bar: bool (default: True)

Whether to add percentage labels in bar chart.

fontsize: float (default: 8)

Label font size.

figsize: tuple (default: (10,2))

Figure size.

dpi: int (default: 80)

Figure dpi.

use_rawbool (default: True)

Use initial cell sizes before normalization and filtering.

show: bool (default: True)

Show the plot, do not return axis.

save: bool or str, optional (default: None)

If True or a str, save the figure. A string is appended to the default filename. Infer the filetype if ending on {‘.pdf’, ‘.png’, ‘.svg’}.


Plots the proportions of abundances as pie chart.