scvelo.datasets.dentategyrus(file_path=None, adjusted=True)

Dentate Gyrus neurogenesis.

Data from Hochgerner et al. (2018).

Dentate gyrus (DG) is part of the hippocampus involved in learning, episodic memory formation and spatial coding. The experiment from the developing DG comprises two time points (P12 and P35) measured using droplet-based scRNA-seq (10x Genomics Chromium).

The dominating structure is the granule cell lineage, in which neuroblasts develop into granule cells. Simultaneously, the remaining population forms distinct cell types that are fully differentiated (e.g. Cajal-Retzius cells) or cell types that form a sub-lineage (e.g. GABA cells).

Path where to save dataset and read it from.


Returns adata object