scvelo.get_df(data, keys=None, layer=None, index=None, columns=None, sort_values=None, dropna='all', precision=None)

Get dataframe for a specified adata key.

Return values for specified key (in obs, var, obsm, varm, obsp, varp, uns, or layers) as a dataframe.

data : AnnData

AnnData object or a numpy array to get values from.

keys : str, List[str], None

Keys from .var_names, .obs_names, .var, .obs, .obsm, .varm, .obsp, .varp, .uns, or .layers.

layer : str, None

Layer of adata to use as expression values.

index : List[~T], None

List to set as index.

columns : List[~T], None

List to set as columns names.

sort_values : bool, None

Wether to sort values by first column (sort_values=True) or a specified column.

dropna : _Genericalias[all, any]

Drop columns/rows that contain NaNs in all (‘all’) or in any entry (‘any’).

precision : int, None

Set precision for pandas dataframe.

Return type:



pd.DataFrame – A dataframe.